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Yesterday waz tight as fuck, probably one of the best dayz , of this summer. well yesterday we had a scrimmage against El Ranco, and i got to play in the J.v and Varsity game, it waz tight. In the J.V game , we killed them , it waz like 49-7. We waz rockin niggaz that game, and Toby Keith (whitey Vick) waz doing tight as hell. The Varsity waz crazy though, becuz us sophmores that were playin, had never really play against any one that waz like 3 yrz older than us, so it wa tight. It waz crazy though , becuz i had never been hit so hard , but it waz fun at the same time. It felt good as fuck , 2 rock a senior.It waz a fun day , at el ranco
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