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[23 Dec 04 @ 11:09am ]
[ mood | calm ]

The Christmas Bowl is 2 day at dhs if u wanna roll u can . We r gunna be playing a big ass game of football , at 1:00 at downey high baseball field. Come and see if u can walk away with the Christams Bowl . Copy and paste this 2 all ur friendz , so we can gave alot of ppl playing for the bowl. Any questions , call 708-5389

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[06 Dec 04 @ 07:54pm ]
Im sitting here at and its 8:00 at night. Im up here chillin with bubba and keith , cuz we i n study hall, but this shit is gay , and i wanna go home. But we gotta what on coach williams. Havent been on live journal in a while cuz of skool and shit like that. Today all i did waz go to skool , and lift weights , it waz pretty kool , but now im tired from that shit , but imma go cuz ive been at skool 4 way 2 long now , ( since 7:00 dis mornin until 8:000 peace
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[13 Oct 04 @ 08:37pm ]
[ mood | energetic ]

Whatz up? well i havent uptaded this thing in a while cuz of football and school, so lately ive been really busy. Well 2 day waz kool , becuz we had a light ass practice, so it waz chill. But 2morrow is gunna be better becuz were gunna play Lynwood, so thatz gunna be tight , get 2 go knock sum pplz. Well i got shit 2 do , so im out peace

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[04 Sep 04 @ 11:01am ]
[ mood | sore ]

Yesterday waz tight as fuck, probably one of the best dayz , of this summer. well yesterday we had a scrimmage against El Ranco, and i got to play in the J.v and Varsity game, it waz tight. In the J.V game , we killed them , it waz like 49-7. We waz rockin niggaz that game, and Toby Keith (whitey Vick) waz doing tight as hell. The Varsity waz crazy though, becuz us sophmores that were playin, had never really play against any one that waz like 3 yrz older than us, so it wa tight. It waz crazy though , becuz i had never been hit so hard , but it waz fun at the same time. It felt good as fuck , 2 rock a senior.It waz a fun day , at el ranco

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[28 Aug 04 @ 07:33pm ]
[ mood | anxious ]

2 day waz pretty tiring, just like the whole week, becuz i had 2 wake up at 730, and go 2 the last practice 4 hell week. But im glad that hell week is over , becuz our two 3`hour practices waz killin me. Damn, skool is ryte around the corner, summer went by fast, especialy cuz of practice, but its cool, becuz itz gunna be worth it on Sept 9, when we have our 1st game. O yea 4 every 1 that doesnt know, we are going 2 be playing our 1st game at La Habra on thurzday night, instead of friday night at Dhs, becuz the field isnt going 2 be ready yet. But itz all good, becuz they r saying 4 sure that it will be ready 4 the DOWNEY Vs. warren game, so that iz going 2 be tight, i caint wait.

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